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The 40 Something and Still Sane RELAUNCH!

Hey everyone! Welcome and hello!!!

It's been literally 3 years since I have made any posts and a good friend just told me the other day that I should start writing again. I decided she is right. Writing was always something that was very cathartic for me and I am finally in a place where I can slow down for a moment and relaunch this site!

Many changes have happened in my life and with change I felt like I needed to revamp the old blog page. I have totally rebuilt it, went with a new server, but also have decided to kind of rebuild what my original plan was, sharing recipes as well as my thoughts.

I wanted first to share some updates in my life. If you aren't close to me, you won't know many of the changes in the past three years. So let's start with that, and then I will share a couple of recipes I have been working on for your enjoyment!

First - I did move over all the viable archived blog posts from before over to this site so they are found in the historical posts page. If you want to know where I left off, you can see the all the detail you wish!

On to the updates!

So in 2016 I talked about someone who I felt like I was home with. Someone who I felt more comfortable with than I ever have in my life. That someone, is my now my husband Byron. We connected, we shared an amazing friendship, and he held me off for a long time, but eventually I won him over.

We were married in Oct 2017, and our children all joined us in the ceremony. My favorite uncle performed our ceremony, and life has been very much a pattern of settling into marriage again.

Our wedding day and our family, left to right, Shemy (Alex) Burton, Kylie Fleming, Byron Fleming, JulieAnn Fleming (in front) Jenason 'Babycakes' Williams, Chloe Petty, and Casper Mars!

In the past couple of years I have had surgeries. I had a U triple P, which is a procedure to take out half of your soft pallet, your uvula and tonsils, and then also do some roto-rooter of the nasal/sinus cavities. Let me say, this was done for the sleep apnea issues, but oooo howdy this was not a pleasant experience. I would do it again because the outcome was needed, but I don't recommend it for a good time.

I also just recently had a reconstruction of my left foot. A bunionectomy and fusing of my first and second toe. I'm BIONIC now! LOL, not really, but it has super dooper helped with the pain in my foot, and with my healing, my activity has increased. Thank goodness!

In conjunction with that, I have also found out, after 45 years of life that I have ADHD. Let me dig into this a touch more. I have had a major issue with depression and anxiety for years. More than depression, a feeling of being a zombie. Someone who can't seem to feel happy no matter what great things are in my life. I kept thinking something was wrong with me, and that I was broken. I went to a therapist with the intention of digging into my past, my abuse, and maybe facing something I hadn't yet faced, or maybe even having someone to talk to, but surprisingly the therapist asked me a big set of questions and then told me I showed 7 of 8 signs of ADHD. I'll get into this more in a post strictly about ADHD, but basically he explained that many of my issues in life have been related to my lack of adequate dopamine production in my brain. Long story short, (long story for another post), I am now on medication, my moods are elevated, I've become intensely active (coinciding with the recovery of my foot surgery noted above, and I've lost 56 lbs so far! Again, success story stuff belongs to a separate and long post, but you get the basic idea.

This finding has been uplifting, relieving and aggravating all at the same time. I have spent a lot of time frustrated over the past 45 years with my inability to focus, my inability to maintain relationships that are healthy, and addiction to food and alcohol. All of these things are related to my ADHD. I suppose finding out now is better late than never!

Along with that finding, my handsome, witty, and funny husband who is such a goof and entertains me regularly decided to give me the scare of a lifetime this summer, when he had a massive heart attack. This too will have it's own post. He is okay! We did get some warning signs and when the heart attack struck, we were actually at the hospital under the watchful gaze (no really they were in the room when it happened), of an internal medicine doctor and a cardiologist. Within 30 min we were in and out of the Cath Lab and he had a new stent holding his passage wide for lots of blood to get through.

This has prompted additional changes to our diets. A path I was sort of already on becamse a hard core driven path of decided/necessary/important change. I cleaned out the cupboards, and pantry, and went shopping and restocked the entire house with old world whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, and fish and chicken. HELLO MEDITERRANEAN DIET! In turn I have completely cut gluten out of my diet, I eat very little dairy, and I cook primarily Keto/Mediterranean fare. With that I have played with lots of recipes that are normal and tweaked them, and also found ones that are Mediterranean and made them more Keto friendly.

We don't eat or use sugar in our house anymore, we don't use standard flour, there is no processed boxes of food in my pantry, no breads in the bread box... HUGE CHANGES! Life said jump and we yelled out HOW HIGH!?!?!? It demanded a change for our health and well-being, and here we are! I hope sharing my work and findings and research here will inspire you to do some good in your life and with your health too!

Please, subscribe to the site, and post in the forum, comment on the postings for the blog and the recipes! We will share together. Wanna know what happens if we substitute a different kind of flower!?1? Me too! Lets try it! Let's share our findings!

All my love to everyone! I appreciate you all very much!

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