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Historical Post: What is this Place - Nov 15, 2015

What is this place…?

November 15, 2015 by julieannhowe

It is foreign, but pleasant and comfortable.  It is warm and there is a contentment settling over me.  There is joy, but not the scream from the mountain top joy that ones fantasies and fairy tales claim, more joy that is consuming, with sighs of satisfaction, and comfort in knowing what you are feeling.  This place is not a rush of emotions that bring the extreme highs followed by the extreme lows, it is a glorious middle ground where you feel snuggled in a warm hug, with security and comfort of just knowing.

This place is the warm breath on your neck, the gentle hand moving your hair back from your shoulder, and the soft lips pressing against your forehead.  It is surreal, and yet, so very real.  This is the touch of a hand on your cheek, the fingers running through your hair, and the smile that slips across your face.

It is the place that your soul has always told you exists, that your heart has never given up on.  It is the place that you have been gone through trials and tribulations to find, appreciate and be prepared for.  Your life has prepared you for this place.  This place is where your life starts again, where you start to believe in the law of attraction and of the future you will mold and become present in. It is no longer just a day dream, it is now your reality.

This is the place that you deserve, the one that you have waited for your whole life.  Funny, you have never known what you feel now.  It’s not the insecurities and worries about the future, it’s not the hurt and the past consuming your thoughts, it is home.  It is the fireplace, the blanket, and the hot cocoa, with a great book or movie.  It is the arms that wrap around you and remind you that you are protected and important, appreciated, and beautiful.

This is your future, this is love, slip into it like a comfortable pair of slippers that will warm your feet.  Accept it with no concern, with no delay, and with no need for walls.  You know it is safe, and you know it is right.  Finally, it is before you, and you have eternity to appreciate it.

Photo by Patricia Howe Photography

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