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Bad mood, lets change that!

July 25, 2015 by julieannhowe

We have all done it, woke on the wrong side of the bed, stubbed our toe, dropped a glass that broke and slowed our rush to work.  Then we got in the car and some jackass in front of you is either taking his sweet time, or lost, or maybe caused an accident, and by the time we get to work, we are fit to be tied.

How do we get passed it?  We don’t, we just ride it out right?  No, it’s an easy fix. It’s urgent, I mean really, critical, that you overcome these moods.  This isn’t to stress you out by saying so, but every moment in a mood attracts more negativity and more bad things will happen.  How many times has one thing set your mood askew in the morning and you reach high velocity in a downhill snowball affect within no time at all?  It happens to me all the time.  Sometimes I don’t even know what my trigger was.  I think it could be that the dog cried and didn’t let me sleep moments longer, or maybe I didn’t sleep well and well, my mood just flat out shows how much that affects me.

Despite what starts it, you have to find your own way to switch it up, ASAP, before you allow it to attract more negativity.  I wanted to share the things I do to switch up my momentum and the reason so many people see me as the bright and cheery person I try very hard to always be.

Each person has a different set of things that can cheer them up.  One of the strongest things that has helped me is simply being kind and helping others.  No matter what my mood is, if I walk past someone and force a smile, and feel in my heart a sometimes forced, but genuine smile.  I force myself to feel the warmth that is kindness, smile, say good morning.  Maybe they have a lot of groceries, or have their handful, make small talk, even if difficult and hold a door, or share a compliment on their attire, nice smile, or the beautiful day.

As human beings sometimes we don’t realize how much we can rub off on others.  I don’t know about you, but being in a room with someone in a foul mood sets my nerve endings on fire, it’s like being rubbed against with sand paper.  You feel it in your core almost instantly.  It affects everyone around you. I know that when I’m in a mood, I feel consumed by that negativity and it doesn’t feel any better than being in a room with someone who is going through that same mood.

You have to consciously make the choice to change that mood up. If I’m alone, I pull out my Pandora, and pick some music that suits my needs, I blare the music (depending on where I am, I can pull this off with headphones), and I let the music consume my heart and soul.  I allow that to be conduit to happiness.  Then as my mood shifts, even a little, I start to focus on things that I love and consume myself with that feeling of love for them.  Before I know it, I look like a completely nutty person with a gigantic smile on my face.  It becomes unavoidable.

Each day that a bad mood starts in for me, the music choice is different… this morning was a much needed trek back to the 1990’s and West Coast Hip-Hop/Rap.  Who knew looking me right?  Before you know it, I was dancing in the kitchen listening to California Love by Tu Pac and thinking about going out dancing with my best friend on a Saturday shaking our asses for hours, and I look like a special ed kid with a giant goofy smile.  I am happy!

Sometimes it’s a matter of allowing myself to step away from the things that bring me stress in life, and sometimes it is a matter of facing them head on with a different attitude and prospective.  When my daughter used to get  in a crappy mood, I’d send her to her room, not in trouble, but in order for her to find her better mood.  A few minutes in her own space and in her own head and Viola! She would come out a completely different kid!  I was giving her tools then and I didn’t even realize I was.

Crazy enough, something else that really affects my mood for the better is hard work.  No joke, I can focus on something and work hard and as I complete projects it just completely turns my mood 180 degrees.  It really is up to you and what makes you change your attitude.  For every second you spend moody, 3 more come to you with poor feedback.  Step out of the mood, like imagine yourself opening the door and visualizing yourself saying in your best sarcastic tone, “have a nice day” to the nasty mood, and then step out and close that door!  It’s so not worth ruining your whole day over, and you don’t know the kind of wonderful things this day can bring when you are focused on the negative and bringing more negative down on yourself.

That’s your homework.  As a mood creeps on you that is less than appealing, maybe even boredom and not a “bad” mood.  Take a moment and think, “what can I do to change up this day?”  Focus on the good things that will come to you if you can just turn that mood around.  These things are otherwise going to either pass you by or go unnoticed because your focus in on the shadows and not the sunlight.  So go get it!  Chase the sun beams, change up that mood and send me a note about what you did and how you did it!  Seriously, I want to hear your success stories on what helped you find your great day!

After you succeed once, try again the next time you get into a mood.  You are the only one who can make you feel amazing!  Try little things like saying words that mean great things and great moods… say “wonderful, fantastic, amazing, astounding, successful, brilliant, glorious, Supercalifradgalisticexpiouadocious!” Whatever works.  Stand still and chant yes looking in the mirror, start quiet, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and as you go along, get louder and more powerful, until you are yelling out YES! YES! YES! YES! Empower yourself!

I can’t wait to hear from you, today is the first day of the rest of your life, make it a fantastic one!

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