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A Tale of Two Cookies

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday!

So Sundays tend to be my baking days in our house. It's when I take time to make something tasty for my family. Going onto this better eating/diet/lifestyle change has made it particularly hard for my husband who is my sweet eating junkie. He misses a good chocolate chip cookie and who can blame him?!?!?

With that in mind, this weeks mission was to cookie, and which was the better flavor, closer to an original chocolate chip cookie we tend to crave.

Now lets be really honest, you can not expect or make a cookie without the standard ingredients and think somehow it is magically going to be the traditional chocolate chip cookie, but my goal with trying different cookie recipes is to find one that isn't disappointing, and that gives me that feeling of traditional yum I want. Nostalgia a little maybe.

So this week I tried to recipes and I have a photo of how things turned out on each. One is an almond flour recipe, the second being a coconut flour recipe. I truly love coconut flour but I know it can be a little more challenging to cook with, so with that said, I wanted to play with both.

I want to note two small changes, first, the coconut flour recipe called for butter. We don't have butter in our house even as it 's not part of our diet in any way any more. So I had to replace that. The recipe called for a substitute option of coconut oil that is butter flavored which I also didn't have, so I used traditional coconut oil, and as I created the dough, I found that it was intensely dry, so I added a touch more coconut oil to balance it and get it to hold together.

Second change on this one, I used Swerve as my sweetner of choice, but I read in a blog the other day that a slight combination of Stevia with Swerve would allow the sweetness we love and miss, but hide/mask the after taste of the Stevia. I made a double batch, and I used this website for conversion purposes.

So in the spirit of the combination, I used 3/8 tsp of Stevia and 1/2 cup Swerve granulated sugar.

With all that said, how did I feel about the recipes? Well to be honest, both were quite good. The texture of the almond flour was nice, held together very well, and the flavor was decent. Almond flour tends to have a pretty distinct taste, and is less like normal flour. I find it works amazing for bread type recipes, but for this cookie option, for me it wasn't as good as the coconut flour.

The coconut flour cookies had a flakey fall apart texture, but the flavor was flat out off the hook. So my favorite for sure is the coconut flour. With that said though, the family has their own opinions. My daughter preferred the almond flour. We shall see how the rest of the family feels as they attempt them. I recommend that you try both. The recipes are simple and well worth the trying.

An aside note: coconut flour is way way cheaper than almond flour, so for me, the price and the flavor override everything when I want a sweet treat.

Almond Flour Cookie Recipe

Coconut Flour recipe - flakier but the flavor is so good.

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