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Well, about me.... hmmm.  I'm 45 years old, and I've been through so much!  I think in many ways I've been through more than most.  I don't by any means claim that this somehow makes me the most knowledgeable on everything or anything honestly, but I feel like what I do know has helped others who have gone through pieces of what I've been through. 

I know I exist as a mother and wife, my family fuels me every single day.  As a woman, a work in progress, and an accountant I find life busy and stressful, but beautiful.  I wouldn't be who I am without my family and I wouldn't change my hardships for anything because the strength they have bestowed upon me have helped me with to help others.  

I am constantly working, morphing and changing to find myself, who I am, who I always have been, and who I'm meant to develop into.  I hope that you enjoy what you find here on my blog.  I look forward to sharing things and maybe getting to know many of you. 

I am grateful for each of you. 

All my love, and appreciation. 


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